The CEO’s Guide to Jetting

An Introduction to commercial air travel for CEO’s Only! No minions, lackeys, or “regular” people allowed.

Chapter 1: Welcome Aboard


Chapter 2: The Airport


Chapter 3: The Flight


For Additional Information on Travel Arrangements for CEO’s you can head to JetBlue.com

JetBlue also has a TrueBlue program that is an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use frequent flier program. There arent to many extensive bells and whistles but it does have a few nice perks. Your able to redeem your frequent flyer points for international travel and requested seating is usually always available. Trueblue passes are seperated into single flights that can also be used for a one way trip, or when combined two passes can be used for a round trip.

Signing up for JetBlue TrueBlue is as easy as Opening a can of beans.  Just go to the Jetblue website and create a new user name and password. JetBlue will then send you a welcome email that includes your account number and further explains the program in detail.

Earning points is very easy as well. They can be earned by booking tickets on JetBlue’s website, flying, buying annuities, and by charging goods or services on an associated American Express card. (JetBlue has a partnership with American Express that makes sure you never lose your miles. They won’t expire if you make a yearly purchase with the associated American Express card.) 100 points  is the equivalent to one free round trip ticket or two one-way passes to anywhere you desire, including international trips.

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